My son, who died in 2006, appears inside an orb captured in 2011.

"Orbs are the most readily accessible phenomena of the spiritual realm." 

Dr. Eben Alexander, author of international best seller "Proof of Heaven." 

What Are Orbs?

Orbs are identified in photographs as spheres of light. The arrival of digital cameras allowed us to capture orbs with ease yet skeptics believed the “orbs” were all nothing but lens flare, moisture or dust particles. We have discovered, however, that along with the lens flare, dust or moisture was something else. Many of these particles were actual forms or embodiments. Click on the orbs in photos below for more information.         

All About Orbs

Subtle Energy

Plasma Energy




False orbs and Lens Flare

Orb interview

Life After Life film maker Peter Shockey interviews Virginia Hummel about the science of the orb phenomenon.

Scientist Validates Orbs

MIT and Princeton educated physicist, Claude Swanson, Ph.D., author of Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness.  

Orb Interview

Life After Life film maker Peter Shockey interviews Virginia Hummel about her experiences with the orb phenomenon and their connection to the afterlife.

Audio Interviews

NDE Radio

Lee Witting host of a weekly radio exploration of near-death experiences and spiritual events interviews Virginia Hummel about the premonitions of her son's death and his after-death communication with her.

WE DON'T DIE Radio Show

Sandra Champlain author of the "We don't Die" book and weekly radio show interviews Virginia Hummel about the healing power of spiritually transformative experiences.

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Orbs and the Afterlife: Survival of the Soul

*Read firsthand accounts of orb encounters.
*Learn to identify lens flare and real orbs.
*Learn the secrets to great orb photography.
*Discover how orbs are connected to the near-death experience and human soul.
*View photos of deceased loved ones requested to appear as orbs.
*See the tunnel described by near-death experiencers thorough which we travel after the death of our physical body.

Discover the link between the afterlife, the orb phenomenon and our true identities as eternal souls. Drawn from Virginia’s years of research and experience with the orb phenomenon, she includes over one hundred seventy photographs, and stories from around the world corroborating this connection—validated by doctors, scientists and healthcare workers. 

About Us

What We Do

 We are a website dedicated to the research, education and exploration of the orb phenomenon. 

Who We Are

Virginia Hummel is Chairman of Orb Encounters at She is an author,  Spiritual Grief Coach, Dynamic Speaker and creator of Orb

How We Can Help

We can help you recognize real orbs from false orbs, better understand the nature of the orb phenomenon and give you tips to become a better orb photographer. If you have lost a loved one, you may discover how the link between orbs and our true identities as eternal souls can help to heal your grief. 

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If you have questions about a photo or would like to submit one for the gallery please email the original to:

Sometimes  the photos I receive are actually pictures of lens flare,  dust or moisture. Please know that I  will gently point out false orbs. This is not to disappoint or hurt  you, but to help educate you so that you too can learn to spot the difference between real and false orbs. Knowing the difference makes the real ones all that more special. 


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