Subtle Energy

  • Currently there are two theories about the physical properties of orbs. The first theory categorizes orbs as Subtle Energy, i.e. Prana, Chi, Life Force, Torsion, Bio plasma etc. and the second categorize orbs as Plasma. Ralph Squire from SERI says that "Subtle energy is defined as, but not limited to the following: One or more forms of energy, which do not appear to be within the electromagnetic spectrum. 

  • Unknown at this time is the interaction or the impact that subtle energies have on measurable electromagnetic forces, nuclear energy and/or atomic bonds, gravitational effects or mass. Subtle energy is called by many names including Chi, Qi, Prana, OD, Orgone, Time Density, Bioplasma, Mana, Life Force etc.

  •  "It is the bridge between current physics and many anomalous effects which have been observed in the laboratory but which violate current science. The presence of subtle energy is believed to modify current physical law introducing a variety of phenomena related to consciousness and paranormal phenomena...Subtle energy is a confusing subject for the Western responds to and interacts with thought, making it unlike any known force."  

Plasma Energy

  • The second theory on the physical property of an orb is plasma. Plasma is electrically conducive and responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Plasma is the most common form of matter. Matter consists in different states from solid to liquid to gas. Plasma is similar to a gas as both have a certain portion of ionized particles, meaning there are free negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions. 

  • During his research photographing orbs, Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D., co-author of The Orb Project discovered that orbs fluoresce. Fluorescence is when a molecule absorbs the light of one energy and later emits light of a lower energy. Fluorescence and Photoluminescence are luminescence where the energy is supplied by electromagnetic radiation.   

  • If Dr. Ledwith’s conclusion is correct, then orbs could be electromagnetic in nature which would them make them a form of plasma energy. In The Orb Project, Dr. Ledwith states that, "if the attraction of free electrons through ionization is what enables orbs to fluoresce, then the orbs must be electromagnetic in nature, and most likely are energy fields of some kind? Or is it possible that orbs can be a combination of plasma and subtle energy? 


  • Torsion was first discovered by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev in the 1950's. According to Russian scientists, torsion is produced by the interactions between elementary particle spins, which generate a twisting of space. Russian researchers claim, and have published, numerous experiments to prove that "torsion" energy is exactly the same as subtle energy. 

  • The Russian theory of "torsion" predicts that light and subtle energy are coupled together. When an electron wiggles, making a photon of light, it also creates a torsion wave of subtle energy. Just as torsion or subtle energy affects light, it also affects virtually every other force known to physics...subtle energy affects gravity, mass, time and many other physical properties...subtle energy also interacts with consciousness." 

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