What Are Orbs?

Description of Orbs

  • Orbs are identified in photographs as spheres of light. The arrival of digital cameras allowed us to capture orbs with ease yet skeptics believed the “orbs” were all nothing but lens flare, moisture or dust particles. 

  • We have discovered, however, that along with the lens flare, dust or moisture was something else. Many of these particles were actual forms or embodiments. Manifesting in a variety of colors and sizes, orbs can appear with concentric circles, coronas, mandalas, bumps, knobs and tracks. 

  • They can be pale or wispy, brilliant white or colored, and can reveal a multitude of interior designs. They may also appear as a tube or streak of light, depending on the speed of the camera shutter.  Other descriptions of orbs include disk shapes, small flashes of light, squiggly snake-like oddities, light spheres in geometric formation, and glittering arrays of plasma clouds.    
  • Orbs can be seen without the aid of a camera. Orbs can be captured on video.


  • Animals, mandalas and spirals, along with letters and numbers have also been discovered in orbs. One of the most intriguing aspects of orbs is the discovery of human faces inside them. Quite a number of photos have been captured with faces that can be identified as deceased relatives.

  • Orb photographs demand that we question the very nature of our existence. Does consciousness survive death? Could orbs be a physical manifestation of human consciousness? Does the presence of orbs affirm that we are truly eternal beings?   

False Orbs and Lens Flare

  • Lens flare is the blight of orb photographers. We can create lens flare when we shoot into a light source such as the sun, moon, landscape or indoor lighting. Reflections of the camera flash from mirrors or windows can also cause lens flare. 

  • I cannot tell you how disappointed I am to see an amazing photo only to realize upon closer inspection that lens flare had caused the “orb” or “energy being.” Lens flare can manifest as colored rings, circles, starbursts, discs, “energy beings” and sometimes faces, depending on the camera manufacturer.  They may be in a row across the image, but typically, they spread widely across the scene. They can be a series of colored “orbs” or a mixture of discs, blocks, tapered cones and rainbow colors. The location can change with the camera's movement in relation to light sources. The shape of the aperture also affects the formation of anomalies in the photographs.

Example of Orbs and consciousness

Example of Orbs and Faces

Example of Lens Flare

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